August 4, 2015


Services to Fit Every Need…

We specialize in using what you already have to transform your space into what a buyer is looking for, or a space that perfectly reflects your family’s style. Customized plans are designed for occupied and vacant properties to maximize the overall value. We also have access to dozens of resources to acquire new furnishings at a discount!

Staging Services

Every house is different and each space is customized when it comes to staging for optimal results. Staging services are perfect for occupied, vacant, investment or commercial properties. We work with you to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!

Consultation, Home Assessment and Proposal 

Stage C Interiors will assess the home and it’s staging needs for a speedy and successful home sale. Please allow up to two hours. You will receive:

  • Staging and Selling for Top Dollar Guide Includes checklists, statistics and photo-filled information in regard to selling a home in the local market area.
  • Area Transformation – We will quickly tackle a room or area of your home in order to provide a visual representation of the benefits of staging and a head-start on your marketing.
  • Proposal – A proposal will be provided outlining additional staging services and recommendations needed in order to accomplish a successful and speedy home sale.

“Staging Report” Package 

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourself client, this service provides the detailed and objective expertise in a 20+ page, written format that is easy to follow for great staging results!

  • I will go back through the home and photograph each space to contemplate and review with you
  • We can Walk and Talk where you take notes on the Staging Report   OR
  • I will complete a written Staging Report and email it within 48 hours
  • You will receive a Recommended Vendors list of discounts and providers
  • The 20+ page, Staging Report will detail in checklist format all of the preparations needed for a successful staging result
  • Photos taken after staging to use for marketing purposes and to promote your MLS listing.

“Get It Sold” Full-Service Staging Package   

For maximum results and to compete in today’s buyer’s market, Stage C Interiors works alongside you, guiding you every step of the way through the preparation of your home to sell and the marketing of your product, so that you get top dollar for your home. Meeting prior to Staging is a critical time to compile all of the information needed for a smooth process.

  • I will assess the competition and Buyer Demographic of the home in order to create a vision in each room for buyers
  • You will receive a Home Preparation Plan to complete before I come to the home for final staging in your email box within 48 hours
  • I will create a Staging Action Plan for our staging time in the home
  • I will spend up to a day in the home working with you, preparing and photographing many rooms for maximum buyer traffic (any additional hours will be billed at an hourly rate)
  • I will either shop for or bring in home accessories and furnishings that you can either rent or use as a visual example of what purchases you will need to make in order to update the home
  • You will receive a Recommended Vendors list of discounts and service providers as a benefit of working with Stage C Interiors

Interior Redesign Services

Our design services start with a consultation where we have you fill our Lifestyle Questionnaire and are able to assess your wishes, style and home.  We connect you to a wealth of design photos for inspiration and encouragement.  A detailed proposal will be given that will fit your budget, style, family and home.

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of services customized for our clients’ needs and budget. Realtors, Home Owners and Home Sellers can also choose from or add on:

  •    Personal Shopper Services
  •    Organization plans
  •    Remodel/ New Build Consultation
  •    Marketing/ Advertisement Styling for businesses
  •    Certified Color Expert consultation
  •    Redesign services