7 Ways to MAKE Money by Staging your House

Whether you live in Western MA or Southern CA, hiring a professional home stager is one of the best investments you can make when getting ready to put your house on the market. Why? Because statistically homes that are staged sell quicker and for more money than unstaged homes. You can increase your bottom line by thousands of dollars in fact. That’s money be used toward new furniture, projects in your new space, or a vacation if you wish. You couldn’t sell your car for top dollar without getting it cleaned or repaired so why would expect your house to sell for top dollar without making it look its best? Here are 7 ways that hiring a professional home stager can make you money:

1. Raise your listing price!   

 Agents will assess your house using comps, condition, and market value to price it to sell accordingly. It’s not uncommon for my clients to have an increased value of $20,000 after staging is complete and ready to list. That’s REAL money that otherwise would have been left on the table if the property was left in pre-staging condition.  

2. Less time on the market = fewer monthly payments 
 Even one less month on the market can put cash back in your pocket. The      mortgage payment, utilities, storage costs, and even a possible price reduction can add up quickly. Staging will help you get it SOLD faster.
3. Tax Deductible   
 Depending on where you live, some states allow staging fees to be tax deductible because it is considered a home improvement cost. Check to see if your state qualifies.
4. Time is money!    
How much is your time worth? Not only does a professional home stager alleviate some stresses of selling a home, they also know what needs to get done and does it in a timely manner. This saves you lots of time: weekends, time off of work, shopping time, decorating time, and time scheduling services/contractors plus much more! What would you do with that time instead of staging yourself?
5. Get your realtor excited and outshine the competition 
 Your real estate agent will be working really hard for you. Get them excited to show off their newest listing! If it looks great then the agent will be proud to have showings, open houses and market your property on every media platform. If your competition’s listings have not been staged, then they helped put your listing on top! Chances are it will sell much faster this way. A higher potential sale price ( refer to #1)  means higher commission income for the agent so of course that’s a good motivator.
6. Sells for more $$$ 
Proper staging highlights the positives and downplays the negatives to the potential buyer pool. This means that they see the maximum potential that your property offers and may lead them to overlook some of the perceived negatives because the pros outweigh the cons. This often results in an offer much closer to the asking price (remember #1?) instead of deducting all the “work” the house needs.
7. Vendor discounts 
 Have you ever tried to get a contractor to your house within 24 hours? How about a contractor, plumber and electrician on the same day? It feels impossible sometimes. Stagers often have a long list of reputable contacts that are established business relationships and can offer preferred pricing to that stager. The stager can also schedule them sooner and may even be able to be there so you don’t have to waste your time (#4.. are you seeing a pattern here?). Stagers also have access to dozens of websites, stores, and inventory that they can buy or rent at a significant discount.
All in all, the benefits of staging far outweigh the initial cost. Statistics show that a 1-3% home sale price investment in staging results in 7-10% return on your investment. That ROI stat is incredible in any field and can lead to a huge profit. Your home is probably your biggest asset and selling it is a big deal! Having a  stager during a financial transaction like this has the potential to make your next step a less stressful and with more money. These 7 tips add up fast so take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a professional home stager in your area.
Happy Staging!!!